Our Mission


Many governments and cities around the world encounter many mutual challenges. Some of these key issues include inefficiency of asset distribution, administration, air and light pollution, waste management, climate change, and wildlife contamination.

World Smart Cities Forum is a non-profit organisation established to assist local governments and municipalities to solve current urban challenges by building and developing human-centric smart cities around the world. We provide strategies that build the structure of sustainable growth models for various cities.

Contact and join us in our support to expand the international landscape of smart cities.

“There has been a trend of rising attention for the sustainable industry; the future of smart cities is looking brighter every day and the feasibility of implementing a smart city is becoming widely increasing. With our affiliations (XnTREE and Ark-i Labs), we are successfully creating an inclusive, tech-oriented system through the Smart City Masterplanning and TechSandbox.”


Jaewon Peter Chun, President of WSCF