Paris Smart Waste Collection

A company called Smartup Cities based in Paris launched a waste management programme that reduces the waste collection cost by 50% while increasing...

People-Centric Smart Cities

When building Smart Cities, policies and strategies surrounding it should be centred around people, not technology. “Smart” is not just about...

Smart Cities in Developing Countries

In the previous article, we looked at how smart cities could transform many aspects of our lives. Then, what can smart cities do for developing...

Smart Cities Today

The former Denver Mayor W. Webb said “The 19th century was a century of empires, 20th century was a century of nation states and the 21st century...

Challenges in building Smart Cities

Unclear strategic goals

The strategic planning of smart cities in the past was not clearly structured.

Data isolation is common

Large volume of data with complex structure without cross-functional integration, lack of commercial pathways and insufficient motivation to combine data.

Lack of overall planning

The strategic planning of different cities and different departments are all different, resulting in varying levels and progress of construction of smart cities, and a lack of long-term overall development blueprint.

Deficiencies in information security

Connection among users, applications and data increase continuously, leading to increase of Cybersecurity risk day by day.

Undesirable operation model

The construction of smart cities at large is solely funded by the government without in-depth participation by businesses.

Funding gap

The construction cost is borne by the government, resulting in substantial financial pressure.

Smart City Initiative

Smart City Case Studies

How Businesses Can Harness Demand Forecasting

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, consumer spending has seen some interesting trends over the first half of 2021. May was flat, April was at 0.9 percent, March was 5.0 percent, and February was at 1.0 percent. With varied consumer spending statistics as...

Will Increasing Oil Prices Put a Ceiling on Global Economic Growth?

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's Short-Term Energy Outlook, the June price of $73 per barrel for Brent Crude Oil was up by $5 per barrel over May. With more vaccinations being rolled out, uncertainty over OPEC+’s production moves, and a...


Bas Van Beers

Bas Van Beers

New York

Over 15 years in Smart City development consultancy. Specialising in sustainable energy smart city solutions.

Euijoon Yoon

Euijoon Yoon


Dean for Research Affairs, Seoul National University President, SNU R&DB Foundation, Seoul National University Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University

Arshad Daud

Arshad Daud

United Kingdom

Non-Executive Director for Merton Chamber of Commerce and Managing Director at Flexicom Solutions Ltd

Tran Tho Dat

Tran Tho Dat


Former President, Chairman of Academic Board of National Economics University, Hanoi. Member of Economic Advisory Board to the Prime Minister of Vietnam

Young-Sup Joo

Young-Sup Joo


Extensive experience including being Korea University Chairman,  Korea ICT Convergence Network Senior Member, National Academy of Engineering Korea, Former SME Minister of Korea Former MD, Hyundai Autonet

Oleksand Danchenko

Oleksand Danchenko


President of a Public Assotiation “Telecom Club” association of companies, public organizations, experts working in the market of information and communication technologies

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